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We’ve just announced new Workshops and Intensives for 2015!
Choose from One to Eight weeks of full time Intensive study.
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Sadie Valeri Atelier is a beautiful, friendly environment for focused study of Classical Realism Painting and Drawing.
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Online Study Group with Sadie Valeri

$18 per month

Join a private study group with Sadie on Facebook. Sadie posts video lessons and handouts for step by step help with still life drawing and painting. Students can upload their exercises and in-progress artworks for help and critique. 

Sadie teaches the painting technique she uses for her own still lifes: The layered, Indirect method of oil painting developed by the Dutch Masters of 17th century. This method of applying many thin layers of oil paint on a smooth wood panel gives the artist incredible control for achieving effects of stunning realism.

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Drawing and Painting the Value Sphere AND Painting Values and Edges: Digital Download

4 Videos Bundled + Extras
INCLUDING Painting Values and Edges

181 Minutes


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To master the fundamentals of drawing and painting, it is critical to have a clear understanding of how light behaves on a simple form: The Sphere.

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Indirect Oil Painting Video: Feature Length DVD+Blu-ray or Digital Download

Format: DVD + Blu-ray

NEW: Digital Download

Sadie Valeri demonstrates layered, indirect oil painting in the tradition of the Dutch Masters of still life.

High-definition video footage, professionally recorded and edited, shows how Sadie uses thin layers and controlled brushwork to create images of stunning realism.

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